Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Weekly Obsession: Barbra's "Forever-Alone"-Hymn

Hello, everyone! This is Marc Willow!

Welcome to a new section of my blog, my weekly obsession! 
Every Tuesday I will share the thing I'm obsessed with and can't live without for the week! 

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am writing this to the dubsteppy beats of Lady Gaga's ARTPOP shaking my head like I give a dick. I love her new album. However, my weekly obsession is not her ARTPOP album, but something much older, to be exact 51 years older. 

It's the song "Nobody Makes a Pass at Me", sung by Barbra Streisand on one of her earliest albums, "Pins and Needles" (1962). She sings about, how no man gives her attention, even though she's doing everything she can to be desirable. 
It's a real hymn to the being-forever-alone lifestyle that I call mine. ;)
That's why I'm obsessed with it. <3

Enjoy it, guys! 

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